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Andrea Toscani30-May-2023 10:06:00

The Italian Solar Adventure: Quintas Advisory's Case Study in Technical Due Diligence

Although risk is an unavoidable part of enterprise, responsible companies avoid ...
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Alessandra Ugoli11-May-2023 15:42:16

Why investors need expert advice to unlock Italy’s solar potential

The European solar energy market is experiencing significant growth, drawing the ...
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Andrea Toscani28-Mar-2023 08:45:00

Maximising efficiency with restringing: a revamping project

A new configuration for solar PV strings boosts energy output and increases revenue for ...
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Antonio Domínguez23-Mar-2023 09:31:01

Identify underperformance issues at utility-scale solar farms with our Asset Health Analysis at String Level

It is increasingly apparent that a lack of comprehensive performance analysis causes ...
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Quintas Energy01-Mar-2023 08:45:00

Renewable Energy Boom in Europe Fuels Demand for Expert Consultancy Services

In the face of rising demand for specialist solar PV knowledge and experience, Quintas ...
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Andrea Toscani13-Feb-2023 10:17:06

Thermographic drone campaign success for Quintas technical team!

Our most extensive thermographic drone campaign proved a flying success for the Quintas ...
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Ángela Romero11-Jan-2023 07:45:00

3D image modelling to optimise your solar plant design

Quintas Advisory engineers develop a 3D modelling system to optimise solar farm ...
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Antonio Domínguez09-Jan-2023 08:50:00

Quintas Analytics supports as Digital Agent to digitise solar energy projects

Quintas Analytics joins the Digital Kit initiative as a Digital Agent to support ...
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Quintas Energy24-Nov-2022 08:45:00

Quintas Cleantech exhibits at Farm Business Innovation Show

The Quintas Cleantech team had a great two days engaging with the landowning community at ...
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Patricia Sénen15-Nov-2022 08:15:00

Solar PV: Creating a solar circular economy

Solar power offers many environmental benefits. As the production of panels increases, ...
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