Marta Torralba 10-Aug-2021 12:18:16

Where is my renewable energy portfolio losing production?

As solar PV portfolios become more complex and heterogenous - the possibility of energy ...
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Antonio Domínguez 05-Aug-2021 10:39:45

#QuintasStories | Antonio Dominguez

Antonio Dominguez Head of Business Intelligence at Quintas Analytics
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Alfonso Fuentes 27-Jul-2021 11:59:46

Why Power BI is better than Excel to support management decisions?

Today’s renewable energy asset management requires tools to analyse asset data ...
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Antonio Domínguez 20-Jul-2021 10:43:55

Why is Digital Twin technology important?

Digital Twins are designed to help optimise the operational health and lifespan of ...
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Marta Torralba 13-Jul-2021 10:36:42

Are your renewable investment management decisions based on data?

Data is becoming king in the world of renewable energy investment. While it is amazing to ...
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Antonio Domínguez 07-Jul-2021 10:05:40

Data solutions for Renewables

Hello world. We are Quintas Analytics.
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María Álvarez 11-May-2021 16:13:47

Did you know that Quintas Advisory does revamps?

Since the very first solar PV plant was developed, over 623GW of PV has been installed ...
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Arnoud Klaren 07-May-2021 15:12:02

Why Quintas Owner’s Engineers have your best interests at heart

As a prospective PV plant owner, you have your hands full with development, financing, ...
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Irene Reyes 04-Mar-2021 18:48:24

How Drones can optimise your solar portfolio’s performance

Drones are becoming mainstream in the solar industry and it is easy to see why. Their ...
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Shirine Azzi 25-Feb-2021 15:56:31

Why now is the best time to secure solar plant Asset Life Extensions?

It is more and more common for investors in solar and wind assets to assume a 30, 35 or ...
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