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Marta Torralba 28-Sep-2021 13:47:09

How can I analyse the behaviour of PV inverters?

PV Technology has developed significantly since 2010. Currently, there are many PV plant ...
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Alfonso Fuentes 22-Sep-2021 11:00:00

Electricity prices hit two decade high in Spain

Electricity prices have soared to their highest level in almost two decades in Spain this ...
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Antonio Domínguez 14-Sep-2021 16:06:23

Have you tried our web platform - Ariadne?

At Quintas Analytics, we provide data solutions that empower investors to better govern ...
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Antonio Domínguez 07-Sep-2021 12:09:14

ESG matters - are you tracking the impact of your renewable investment?

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) acts as a matrix for assessing the impact of ...
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Marta Torralba 01-Sep-2021 10:14:56

How are your panels performing in your PV portfolio?

As solar PV plants grow and become more heterogeneous, analysing the performance at panel ...
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Francisco Lopez 27-Aug-2021 08:45:00

#QuintasStories | Francisco Lopez

Francisco Lopez Business Intelligence Manager, Quintas Analytics
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Antonio Domínguez 24-Aug-2021 13:29:24

Why is the OPR relevant to manage your renewable portfolio?

The Operating Performance Ratio (OPR) tells you how energy efficient and reliable your PV ...
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Antonio Domínguez 17-Aug-2021 15:32:48

Why do you need a shared knowledge base for your renewable portfolio?

Do you know how many stakeholders are involved in the management of your renewable energy ...
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Marta Torralba 10-Aug-2021 12:18:16

Where is my renewable energy portfolio losing production?

As solar PV portfolios become more complex and heterogenous - the possibility of energy ...
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Antonio Domínguez 05-Aug-2021 10:39:45

#QuintasStories | Antonio Dominguez

Antonio Dominguez Head of Business Intelligence at Quintas Analytics
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