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Antonio Domínguez02-Mar-2022 09:15:003 min read

Five signs your solar portfolio needs a data management solution

With industry portfolios getting bigger and including multiple technologies, the ability to gather data is becoming more and more challenging for solar PV owners.

If you do not fully understand your portfolio data, identifying where issues lie becomes an issue. Contracting data management support for solar projects can enhance your business in numerous ways. Effective monitoring, analysis and evaluation of data will help optimise the performance of your whole portfolio.

There are vital signs to suggest that your portfolio is crying out for data management support, so let us consider these top five warnings.


Five signs your solar portfolio needs a data management solution


1. "My portfolio is becoming too complicated to manage"

Having the support of expert data managers could enhance the overall performance of your solar portfolio. The more complex your portfolio becomes, the more it will benefit from the support of data management software. Complexities include managing multiple assets in different geographical locations, a scattered team, disconnected sites, and projects requiring fast-tracked execution.

The reality for complex solar portfolios is without a solid data management solution, optimising your assets to their maximum potential is an impossible task.

At Quintas Analytics, we leverage the right technology to manage your portfolio data complexities. Our secure web platform, Adriane, generates dynamic reports and dashboards to provide you with reliable data to make better management decisions through a single point of information.


2. "I manage data on multiple systems or platforms"

Using a dedicated asset management software system offers you an integrated overview of your portfolio by pulling together different data sources. Are you constantly dealing with varying systems and comparing multiple data sources? If the answer is yes, you should consider accessing a data solutions tool.

Our web platform, Ariadne, can aggregate all your data and provide relevant information to help you make the most accurate decisions for your assets.007-1400x1080-AM Support


3. "Data input is manual"

The signs of weak data integrity are redundant processes. Each workflow that requires manual data entries or file sharing from one person to another via an external system, such as email, encourages an environment of errors and inaccuracies.

When it comes to data reliability, automation is your best friend. Automating your data processes allows you to save time and ensure your data is much more accurate.

In a well-automated system, you enter data once, and the system can share it across every piece of software that needs it. Our web platform, Adriane, offers that single point of truth to allow you to make well-informed, dynamic management decisions.


4. "Historical data is difficult to access"

If your data is stored effectively, it will be easily searchable by those who need to access it. Good data storage and preservation means keeping that information from getting lost or inappropriately siloed.

Quality asset management software maximises asset value. To remain competitive, you need the tools and data that detect issues early. Our data solutions combine financial and operational data, effectively storing historical processes to give you a complete picture of all your assets.


5. "My team is scattered"

Rooftop portfolio projects always involve multiple stakeholders. Each stakeholder’s input provides value and is important to the overall development and progress of each project. With many projects happening simultaneously, coordinating data from multiple assets and stakeholders is complicated to manage, even for the most organised project managers.

Digital asset management allows solar professionals to take their existing systems and investments to the next level without investing in new plants or hardware. By making existing technical and financial decision-making processes data-driven – investors and owners can stop guessing and be accurately informed to make optimal decisions. Our cloud-based platform, Adriane, provides an effective solution to manage multiple datasets and information from assets and stakeholders - no matter their location.

The solar industry must adopt an automated proactive approach to data management and base actions on analysed data rather than instinct.



Do you want to streamline your project operations and optimise your solar asset data management processes? You can learn more about our data solutions and web platform Adriane on our website.




Antonio Domínguez

A Senior Analyst with extensive experience in the quarterly analysis of the performance of photovoltaic portfolios, the implementation of business intelligence tools and the creation of interactive reports adapted to customer requirements.