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Antonio Domínguez 31-Jan-2022 08:45:00 2 min read

Are your rooftop portfolio management decisions based on data?

Data is king in the world of renewable energy investment.

Solar energy is proving a robust form of energy production amidst the challenges of the current climate. As portfolios continue to expand, it is more important than ever for solar asset owners to take advantage of valuable data insights to help mitigate business disruption and optimise long-term returns.

Typical solar portfolios contain a large number of assets, meaning operators are required to deal with a mountain of information. Rooftop portfolios are especially complex due to their extensive characteristics. Unlike ground-mounted solar sites, rooftop installations are often made up of hundreds of small sites spread across various geographical locations, making it especially difficult to consolidate data and extract valuable insights.


Quality data solutions

One of the main challenges for renewable energy professionals is the sheer volume of data continuing to accumulate that requires managing.

Extracting data insights is critical for reliable renewable asset operations and effective decision-making. Without quality data insights, solar portfolios become much more vulnerable to underperformance.

Investors in rooftop solar companies and portfolios, and lenders to the sector, are now turning big data to gain useful insights and improve their valuation techniques. Drawing on quality datasets gives developers an opportunity to make transparent decisions based on the accurate performance of assets.


Effective data governance for rooftop portfolios management decisions

For most rooftop investors, data collection, standardisation, and storage processes are overly time-consuming and inaccurate. Manual dependency reduces data reliability and reporting flexibility, resulting in difficulties in making fast and accurate investment decisions.

At Quintas Analytics, we deal with data complexities and we provide data insights as a service and best-in-class reports to support the management of around 400 renewable investment sites in 8 countries.

Our solar data management systems aggregate data from your entire solar PV portfolio, no matter where your assets are located in the world.



How can we improve your data management processes?

  1. Standardising and registering your assets in our Digital Twins system.
  2. Digesting and standardising SCADA data through the Digital Twins.
  3. Cleansing SCADA data to highlight gaps and outliers, allowing us to trace the whole process.
  4. Building easy to understand, flexible reports to support investors make better-informed management decisions.
  5. Extracting relevant insights so the management team can focus on solving issues.

Our team of experts can consolidate and govern the complex datasets generated by extensive rooftop portfolios. We provide long-lasting solutions to ensure fund reporting professionals can focus on the value-add analysis. Are you interested in getting the right tools to make the best-informed investment decisions for your renewable investment portfolio? Contact us today, we will deal with your data!




Antonio Domínguez

A Senior Analyst with extensive experience in the quarterly analysis of the performance of photovoltaic portfolios, the implementation of business intelligence tools and the creation of interactive reports adapted to customer requirements.