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Marta Torralba

An Industrial Engineer with extensive experience in the management of remote incidents, communications in high and medium voltage networks, capture and digitization of the low voltage network.

Blog Post by Marta Torralba

Marta Torralba12-Sep-2022 08:45:00

Why should you digitise your solar PV assets and processes?

The digitisation of solar assets will drive the future of solar power success.
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Marta Torralba25-Jul-2022 08:45:00

Optimise the health of your assets with string analysis solutions

The solar industry is thriving, but operators are becoming more and more impacted by ...
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Marta Torralba08-Jun-2022 08:45:00

Common causes of solar performance-related losses

Solar power is the future of energy generation, but it only functions when the sun shines ...
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Marta Torralba25-Apr-2022 10:25:44

How to turn your solar data into actionable insights

As renewable energy professionals continue to face new challenges, many are turning to ...
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Marta Torralba28-Mar-2022 08:45:00

Understanding your renewable investments

Renewable investments are becoming more prolific, diverse, and competitive, which is ...
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Marta Torralba05-Oct-2021 12:39:07

How to leverage technology to digitise your renewable energy portfolio?

Like any other investment, renewables should be ready to compete in a digital ...
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Marta Torralba28-Sep-2021 13:47:09

How can I analyse the behaviour of PV inverters?

PV Technology has developed significantly since 2010. Currently, there are many PV plant ...
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Marta Torralba01-Sep-2021 10:14:56

How are your panels performing in your PV portfolio?

As solar PV plants grow and become more heterogeneous, analysing the performance at panel ...
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Marta Torralba10-Aug-2021 12:18:16

Where is my renewable energy portfolio losing production?

As solar PV portfolios become more complex and heterogenous - the possibility of energy ...
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