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Marta Torralba 28-Mar-2022 08:45:00 2 min read

Understanding your renewable investments

Renewable investments are becoming more prolific, diverse, and competitive, which is excellent news for the industry. A competitive climate encourages new investment, portfolio diversification and expansion. As your portfolios expand, you will likely need to work with several data formats. Collecting and organising data is complex enough without the added confusion of making sense of the bigger picture to help shape proactive planning.


Management decisions based on data

Quintas Analytics will transform complex numbers into tangible insights to ensure that investors and owners can keep control of their assets. We will give you the data management confidence to actively make decisions to maximise profits.

When considering diverse rooftop portfolios or solar farms, larger installations are likely to include products from a range of different manufacturers. Each manufacturer has a specific system to process and present data. While all data software programmes are competent in their own right - often they do not work well together.

Solar assets can be sold, collated together with other assets and re-sold numerous times, meaning you could find your solar farm has different types of hardware. With hundreds of solar panel manufacturers in the market, all providing different data variations, monitoring performance can be particularly challenging.

Large, diverse solar PV portfolios can be as complicated as profitable.

Every solar site will include more than one inverter, most likely producing data in different formats. If you add in multiple plants and perhaps spread those across a country or globally, the simple task of collecting data can become overwhelming and vastly time-consuming.


Transform labour-intensive data collection

Despite the labour-intensive nature of data collection and interpretation, data reporting is often left directly to the operators. Operators are often only reporting to owners on a monthly or quarterly basis. Issues requiring immediate investigation, such as drops in productivity or operational problems, can take weeks to communicate to decision-makers. This process forces investors and owners to take a reactive approach to optimise their renewable investments, which is ultimately slow, inefficient and leads to unnecessary financial losses.

Our data management solutions stop slow information interchange and empower financial owners and investment managers to take charge of their solar PV portfolios. Our simple data management dashboard displays the specific insights to meet your interests and will be updated at a frequency to meet your requirements.


Simple and transparent reporting

Reporting from operators is not always entirely transparent and can lead to financial disasters for the overall portfolio. As long as on-the-ground operators remain the sole reporters of crucial information, nobody can make well-informed decisions to ensure long-term profitability. With the support of Quintas Analytics, you will gain access to high-quality transparent reports – so your team can focus on improving performance.


Compare technical data with financial output to make decisions

Once data reaches the hands of financial decision-makers, the next challenge is to make all numbers make tangible sense.

It can be a complex operation to measure technical data against the actual financial output to make the right decisions for your investment. With the support of our dedicated investor reporting tool, this process becomes much simpler.

By taking ownership of your data management processes, you no longer need to rely on others to understand the numbers, helping to ensure you make the right decisions and stay ahead of your competitors.




Marta Torralba

An Industrial Engineer with extensive experience in the management of remote incidents, communications in high and medium voltage networks, capture and digitization of the low voltage network.