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#QuintasStories | Ángela Romero

Ángela Romero

Intern, Quintas Advisory

  • Joined Quintas: 2021
  • Education: University of Seville (Seville, Spain), Industrial Engineering, 2021
  • Interests: Running and reading. 

I’m currently finishing the final year of my degree in industrial engineering and recently joined the Quintas Advisory Team as an intern.

This is my first experience of working in a professional role in the solar industry. After only two months, I’ve already gained a range of new skills and knowledge of PV solar energy practices. My main role as an intern is to support my supervisor and project manager, along with helping with the management of various solar projects.

The first project I’ve been working on is Drone Thermography sweep analysis. My job is to evaluate the current status of specific PV plants and oversee the generation of personalised reports on the status of the plants.

Other aspects of my role include creating detailed simulations of PV plants for clients using PVsyst software, creating layouts using AutoCAD and assessing the energy yield, performance ratio and predicted energy outputs for clients.

“I believe that the shift to renewable energy is the key to our future."

I was inspired to get into engineering and more specifically renewables back in my early teens thanks to my father. He’s always taught me to be conscious of the environment. As the world’s population continues to grow rapidly, more and more energy is needed to support economic and social progress. With this increased demand for energy and the use of fossil fuels, the global temperature has increased significantly over the last few decades, which is causing irreversible damage to the planet. With this always in mind, I feel that I must take the responsibility to collaborate in helping to support the growth of a sustainable energy system. I believe that the shift to renewable energy is the key to our future.

“What I love most about my job is I have a voice."

I’m very happy in my internship at Quintas. Not only does it feel great to gain experience working for a company who is supporting the energy transition, the international nature of the Quintas team means I have the chance to learn about the renewable energy industry from many different perspectives.

My internship experience is offering me a great way to find out about what kind of work I like and is giving me the chance to get an idea of what makes me feel fulfilled and happy at work. I’m gaining professional feedback on a regular basis and taking part in real projects. While teachers at university are preparing me for the theoretical side of my field, interning with Quintas is giving me the chance to receive feedback from colleagues working hands-on in the renewable sector on a daily basis. I’m very grateful for this opportunity.

What I love most about my job is I have a voice. My supervisor encourages me to think big and bring new ideas and initiatives to the table. I like feeling appreciated and empowered. Knowing that my contributions are valued and can help support the team motivates me to work hard in every aspect of my role.

The best advice I can give anyone about to embark on their own internship is to act like a sponge. Soak up and absorb all the information and experience that you can while on your internship so you can take it with you as you progress in your career. Be passionate about what you do. Take every opportunity when it comes, and always be eager to learn something new every day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice because people are willing to help you.

I’ve learnt that a good work-life balance is important no matter what stage in your career you are. Quintas works hard to give all its employees this vital balance.  Outside of work, I love to run, so I try to go running every day, either before or after work. It helps to keep me active and I’m really enjoying it. I also love reading at night because it helps me to relax.

My ultimate goal is to progress in my career within the renewable energy sector because I know working in this industry makes me happy. It also makes me feel like an active participant in the Energy Transition, which is the big revolution of our generation. 

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